GlobalCert Robotics Program

GlobalCert, your top and first choice

GlobalCert, with 100 certifications of professional qualifications accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESYD), is always next to its partners.

GlobalCert is the first and only certification body that provides the certification "EDUCATIONAL ROBOTIC" accredited by E. S. Y. D. According to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17024with international recognition.

GlobalCert, provides schools of every level, educational institutions and organizations the possibility to integrate students from 6 years of age and students in the ROBOTIC program.

The program consists of 4 stages:

  1. Introduction to Science
  2. Introduction to Robotics
  3. build and program
  4. Advanced Robotics

Robotics and informatics are essential tools in the modern education of students. The aim of the program is not only to familiarize students with technology but to create the motivation to explore various disciplines.

Now in our country, robotics and generally STEM education is rapidly developing and is gradually integrated into the educational system. In the near future 25% of jobs will require knowledge STEM-Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

The STEM attempts to transform from the level of traditional teacher-centered based teaching to teaching where a dominant role in the curriculum will play the problem solving, the discovery-exploratory learning, while it will be necessary to The trainees ' creative involvement in discovering the solution.

With the implementation of STEM through projects, trainees learn to reflect on the process of solving genuine problems and acquire skills that are relevant to globalisation in education, as it focuses on critical thinking, working in groups (co-operation), which has been reported that it reduces the knowledge gap between trainees from different states.

STEM provides opportunities for developing skills by encouraging children to respond to questions and engage in playful activities with science, mathematics, engineering and technology issues.

What it offers to the learner

The activities of educational robotics have a positive impact on the cooperation amongst pupils. They enhance their after learning abilities, the improvement of self-confidence and creativity. The trainees develop and acquire:

  • Research spirit and scientific methodology
  • Cultivation and valuable cognitive skills (analytical and compositional thinking, creativity, critical thinking, etc.)
  • Useful technological skills (learning programming languages)
  • Spirit of teamwork and collaboration, familiarity with team-collaborative working method
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Ability to manage the project (time management, project and resource allocation)
  • Formulation and hypothesis testing capacities
  • organizing and controlling the course of work

GlobalCert offers opportunities for the development of your educational organization in a demanding and rapidly developing educational environment, constituting your top and first choice.