Instructions for Exams registration

Candidate Card and registration

Instructions for Exams registration

To participate in the GlobalCert exams candidates need to follow the instructions given:

  • Choose a GlobalCert examination centre in the area that best suits you
  • Fill in the electronic candidate card application at the examination centre you have chosen. If under age your guardian must sign
  • To issue the Examination Candidate Card you need to show a valid identity certificate (e.g. identity card, passport, etc.). For minors, under the age of 12, who have no ID card, a birth certificate with a photo is required
  • Issue of the Candidate Card from your Examination Centre
  • Through the GlobalCert Examination centre, you register for a specific examination date and time from those scheduled and the modules you will be examined on at the Examination Centre you have selected
  • Present your Candidate Card and ID card for each GlobalCert exam you sit
  • Receipt of the certificate after successfully participating in the exam from the Examination Centre you had selected

Valid identification for Greek citizens:

  • The ID card or a provisional certificate from the police
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Personal insurance booklet

Valid identification for the European Union citizens:

  • The ID card
  • Passport

Valid identification for citizens outside the European Union:

  • Official document of legal entry to the country
  • Stay permit
  • Work permit

Valid identification for minors:

  • A validated birth certificate with a picture on it