Candidate Exam Regulations

Regulations and instructions to examinees

Candidate Exam Regulations
  • On the day of the exams, candidates need to be at the Examination Centre thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled exam time.
  • They need to have with them all the necessarily identity documents, based on which the Application Form for the Candidate Card was filled in. Without any kind of identification document available the candidate will not be allowed to sit the exams.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring any kind of aid (notes, books, etc.), relevant to the subject of the examination, into the exam room.
  • They must also comply with the supervisors’ instructions, as well as the Examination Centre regulations, regarding their behavior and use of the Examination Centre premises.
  • Candidates must enter the examination room when asked by their supervisors and have their identity documents at hand. Furthermore, they need to follow their supervisors’ instructions in relation to the examination process.
  • Any questions or concerns must be shared with the supervisors, whereas any kind of conversation between the candidates is not allowed.
  • It is also emphasized that any use of mobile phone during the exam is not allowed and, to limit possible disturbance of the rest, candidates are requested to turn off their mobile phones or switch them to silent mode.
  • After they have finished their exam, candidates need to inform their supervisors, who can allow them to leave the room.
  • The Exam results are announced by the Examination Centre within 3 days of the exam day.
  • Neither the supervisors nor the Examination Centre know the results until the end of this 3 day period when they are sent by GlobalCert.

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