The precious "ally" in your teaching!


GlobalCert, following the new developments in the field of education and technology, has installed and is in full operation a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) based on the Moodle platform.

It is a software package designed to conduct online courses on the Internet, offering Integrated Asynchronous E-Learning and Training Services while incorporating applications that meet the needs of Asynchronous E-Learning.

Features - E-Learning Platform Advantages.

  • Open source software. It is free and it is possible to add or modify parts or subsystems of the platform.
  • Strong, flexible and collaborative learning.
  • Easy communication. Users can receive automatic notifications about new assignments and job deadlines, forum posts, and send private messages to each other.
  • Accurate calibration. You can use custom scoring scales on the task assignments you want to set to users.
  • Easy course processing. Easily create lessons using simple editing settings that will allow you to view content in the format that best suits the teaching needs of each lesson
  • Data-based decision making (data-driven decisions). You can, for example, based on the performance of your pupils-as they emerge from the system-to assess, if appropriate, to advance to a more advanced level.
  • Multimedia tools. Built-in Moodle media support lets you easily search for and import video and audio files into lessons you want.
  • Expandable and customizable. More than 1440 tools (plugins) are available free of charge through the Moodle community.
  • Software security. Moodle is regularly updated with the latest security updates to protect the integrity of courses and materials available through it.

Learning and Teaching Tools

  • Resource management (documents, courses, glossary)
  • Communication support (newsgroups, discussion, blog)
  • Team work Promotion (wiki, database, news groups, glossary)
  • Evaluation Support (quiz, work, grade)
  • Management control (groups, calendar, usage reports, grade, questionnaire)