Examination System

GlobalCert Examination System

Examination System

The Main characteristic of the examinations of GlobalCert is the realism of the scenarios(case studies) in which the candidates are examined. The candidate Is asked to prove that he possesses essential knowledge, which will be needed in his daily life, and is not examined in sophisticated subjects that simply render "impressive" the testing system, but practically futile the examination.

  • It offers a fully automated testing system which was designed and developed in collaboration with the research department of the University of Piraeus.
  • In GlobalCert our team consists of excellent and qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field of certification and also in the sector of Business and Software Development.

The examination system of GlobalCert has been developed with the aim to provide the best possible services to training centres, which do not need to invest in expertise and staff to manage the relationship between GlobalCert and the candidates.

Furthermore, the exam system is particularly flexible and candidate friendly, testing the candidates’ knowledge without obliging them to learn anything more than required by the subject matter.

Finally both the training centre and the candidates are supported by the GlobalCert customer service department, one of the most effective and prompt existing in the certification market. In GlobalCert we believe that a good product becomes excellent when it is properly, responsibly and swiftly supported.