Who We Are

Awarding Organisation

Who We Are

GlobalCert is an Awarding Organisation with continuous and well established presence in the field of certifications.

Our years of study and experience in the certification field has made GlobalCert one of the biggest and most reliable Awarding Organisation with international acceptance and recognition.

GlobalCert offers certifications in the fields of:

  • Computer Skills,
  • Endorsed Programs,
  • in a wide range of Vocational Training Qualifications from ESYD (Professional Experts),

It is activated in many countries across the world, creating powerful collaborations in Greece and abroad with well-known Universities as well as with internationally recognised Awarding Bodies, focusing in the quality, validity and in the reliability of the offered certifications. GlobalCert’s main objective is the recognition of its certificates offered, conferring upon them prestige and value.

GlobalCert’s examination system is completely automated, it has been designed and developed in collaboration with the research centre of the University of Piraeus and the certificates of GlobalCert bear its seal.

GlobalCert is composed with excellent scientists and qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of certification but also in Business and Software Development.

The IT Department of GlobalCert in collaboration with the Research & Development department, implements the vision of the team to develop and evolve innovative ideas and new projects, with daily research and zeal, so that GlobalCert can attain a solid footing on “the 4th Industrial Age”.

GlobalCert is an Awarding Organisation mainly focusing on high quality customer service always in accordance with the developments in modern technology that aims in the absolute satisfaction of its customers and the continuous improvement of its services.

Quality Management System

GlobalCert has a quality management system for the optimization of its internal processes and the assurance of the services provided, covering the most demanding expectations in the today’s modern market.

We invite you to browse and discover GlobalCert.