Distance Learning Seminar

Training of educational robotics instructor

Distance Learning Seminar

We are pleased to inform you about the opening of a distance seminar entitled "Training of educational robotics trainers" which will take place on the 25th and 26th of January 2020.

Teaching method: Synchronous and asynchronous distance learning
Training costs
and certification:
Training Objective: The training of trainers for the teaching of educational robotics according to the philosophy of STEM.

The training will take place through a special platform of modern tele-education and includes three (3) phases:

A) Theoretical background and a presentation of a template course design with the use of educational robotics as the main tool (scheduled duration of 6 hours).

B) Training Session-Mentoring (scheduled duration of 1 hour 30 minutes for each trainee group)

C) Procedure for participation in examinations for the acquisition of an ESYD certificate in "Educational Robotics Instructor".

For the participation and preparation of the certification examinations in, "Educational Robotics Instructor" an electronic platform for asynchronous training (e-class - study material of estimated duration, 10 hours) is provided, containing all the necessary notes needed, to conquer and deepen the knowledge acquired through the theoretical seminar and the mentoring and practice tests of in the form of questions (repeated as many times as the trainee desires).

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For information and registration for the seminar «Training of educational robotics instructor" complete the participation form that you will find in the following link.

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Registration deadline Tuesday 21 January 2020