Certified Career Guidance counsellor

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Certified Career Guidance counsellor

GlobalCert and Ariston Psychometrics join forces with a common goal and vision to upgrade the educational process. When the excellent training is completed and sealed by a top certification, then the educational process has achieved its goal. The trainee is now able to successfully implement the knowledge he has gained in the employment market and to distinguish himself by doing so.

GlobalCert in collaboration with Ariston Psychometrics gives you the opportunity to broaden your professional activities by offering your pupils and students substantial assistance in the educational-learning process and in their professional direction.

Completing the training and certification you are now an Ariston certified Career Guidance counsellor. You will be able to offer your center the corresponding weighted psychometric Ariston Tests and you will be able to interpret and analyze their results, to your pupils or students.

The approval of the above training programs and the issuance of certificates by the NOCN, one of the largest and most reliable certification bodies of Great Britain with international presence and recognition, enhances the value, the prestige and the recognition of the offered certificates.

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Career Guidance counsellor


Unique advantages and benefits for Certified Career Guidance counsellors Ariston for our Training Centre partner

  • The philosophy of the educational process of your center changes, it becomes even more learner-centered by treating each learner individually as a unique personality. By focusing on how each student learns better, and what his real skills and talents are, you help him to activate his full potential and achieve his educational and professional goals.
  • Perform sessions with each learner-trainee after the administration of the psychometric test they choose. Your role as a Counsellor is to help the student discover the reading techniques that suit him or the inclinations and abilities that will lead him to follow the studies and the profession that will ensure a successful career.
  • Upgrade your Training center, offering complete and innovative educational services to your students.
  • Offer real solutions to both your pupils and their parents. Advise them on their studying techniques and their skills in order for them to choose the profession that will lead to a successful career.
  • Broaden your training services and gain a competitive advantage by differentiating your Training center from competition.
  • You can take advantage of not only your existing students, but also your graduates.
  • You have the ability to attract new student by offering an extra service.

The Psychometric series Ariston is a unique, reliable system of combinatorial analysis of capabilities, skills and personality, providing the opportunity for the examine to explore the "know thyself". This pioneering integrated system, which utilizes advanced rules, advanced mathematical models and weights (Norms), relies on research results funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Development. It is based on scientific studies and surveys of more than 35 years. It offers specialized arrays (combinations of 30 different test) that include 10 different degrees of truth-validity of the answers given by the examinee.

What is Ariston Candidates

Ariston Candidates is a pioneering system of professional orientation, which explores the personality, inclinations, abilities, skills, self-esteem control and interests of the individual, and then accurately identifies the specialties that suit them, as well as the corresponding parts of the Greek educational system (AEI, TEI). Ariston Candidates is mainly addressed to high school students, as well as students wishing to Specialize in post-graduate programs of study. Especially for the students of the 3rd Grade of Lyceum, the test results can be used as reliable data in completing their computerized university entry form, through special software created for this purpose. A special array is also available for adult individuals wishing to redefine their careers.

How is Ariston Candidates conducted

Ariston Candidates is available through Certified Career Guidance counsellors and is implemented only through the use of a PC, without the mediation of third parties, in order to ensure the objectivity of the results. At the same time, a check of the answers given (via polygraph) is carried out in order to assess the sincerity of the candidate. It is highly usable and user-friendly and is completed in approximately 60 minutes.

The credibility of Ariston Candidates

  • Based on studies and university surveys for over 30 years
  • It ensures, in a completely scientific way, the objectivity and sincerity of the answers (8 degrees of truth indicators)
  • Has the highest reliability index (99%) and a worldwide sample weighting (20,000 young people)
  • It issues results based on complex mathematical calculations, comparisons and combinations (approximately 850 million), individually customized and performed for each candidate.

University research results for the Ariston Psychometric series

Ariston Candidates is an array of fully automated and weighted psychometric questionnaires in all the European Union countries. It is part of a comprehensive series of Ariston psychometric tests, Computer Academy Psychometric Series, which have exploited the international bibliography and the results of published researches. The responsibility to maintain and support all automated questionnaires, as well as the expert system, is exclusively conducted by Computer Academy.

Ariston Candidates, puts an excellent in your future.

Your participation in Ariston Candidates, also provides you with the opportunity to choose the right team of orientation of the new Lyceum, to meet the schools that interest you and to suit you, to derive information about them, but also to automatically fill in your computerized university entry forms, through special software, which accompanies the test and takes into account all the above data.