Management Employee in Tourism Enterprises

Management Employee  in Tourism Enterprises

Description of Profession

A Management Employee in Tourism is defined as the employee who possesses the necessary knowledge, competences and skills to provide supportive administrative work in the administrative area of the entire tourist business/Agency.

In particular a Tourist Office Employee:

  • - Supports the Administration in order to achieve the objectives of the tourist business.
  • - Supports scientific and administrative methods and practices in the production, distribution and promotion of tourism products.
  • - Supports the financial programming and the financial activity of the tourist business.
  • - Supports the administration of human resources in the tourist business.
  • - Is aware of modern computer applications mainly in the tourism sector.


No requirements.

Candidate obtains the certificate after passing the exam.

The certificate is valid for 10 years.

The certified professional obtains:

  • - Proof of professional qualifications
  • - Professional ID card, a globally work asset
  • - Self confidence

However it is worth noting that:

The European Accreditation Bodies have founded the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), one of the main goals of which is to promote the international recognition of both the accreditation provided by its members and the accredited services by maintaining reliable multilateral agreements (MLAs). ESYD is one of the founding members of EA. Since March 2004, ESYD has become a signatory to the MLAs for Testing Laboratories, Calibration Laboratories and Inspection Bodies and since March 2005 for Certification Bodies for all provided services (persons, products, quality management systems, environmental management systems).

Through the co-operation between accreditation bodies at global level, accreditation recognition of MLAs signatories is expanded to most industrially developed countries, such as U.S.A., Canada, Japan, China, Australia etc.

ESYD regularly participates in the EA General Assemblies and in the meetings of the EA Committees for MLAs, Laboratories, Certification and Inspection Bodies. ESYD is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Collaboration – ILAC


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Management Employee in Tourism Enterprises

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