ISO 37001


ISO 37001

Transparency is civilisation

Transparency and trust are the foundations of the credibility of any business or organization. Bribery can undermine worthy organizations and honest businesses more than anything else.

It takes two people to offer and accept bribes. Bribery may be practiced by the organization, or by its staff or associates who act on behalf of or for the benefit of the organization. It may also occur in relation to the organization's activities.

Bribes can be demanded from a superior to perform an act he is already being paid to do. A bribe may also be required to circumvent laws and regulations. In some developing countries, half the population has at some point paid bribes.

Bribery and corruption distort the competitive conditions in the market, causing an unfair competition between enterprises. Businesses take on projects or procurement by means of paying larger sums in bribes, not by being more efficient or innovative. This ultimately leads to a less productive and competitive economy, acting as a hindrance to the country's recovery from the financial crisis.

What is ISO 37001?

ISO 37001 is an international bribery management system standard which was published in October 2016 and provides a globally recognized way of dealing with bribery.

It is designed to help an organization or business establish, implement, maintain and improve an anti-bribery compliance program.

It includes a series of measures and controls that represent global good anti-bribery practice.. A person responsible for overseeing anti-bribery compliance, training, risk assessment and management controls on projects and partners is appointed. At the same time, this person will carry out financial and commercial audits, and they will also establish reporting and investigation procedures.

Bribery is defined by law and varies from country to country. ISO 37001 provides guidance on what bribery means for each country in order to help users understand its intent and scope.

ISO 37001 addresses one of the world's most destructive and challenging issues and presents an approach to eliminate corruption.

Target Audience

The standard can be used in any country, in small and medium-sized enterprises, public and private sector organizations, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

ISO 37001 is flexible and can be adapted according to the size of the organization and the risk of bribery it faces.

What are the benefits of choosing GlobalCert?

Each of our partners is unique and invaluable. Our goal is that you also become an integral part of the GlobalCert professional family, gaining all the benefits of a strong team which consists of experienced and reliable professionals.

The continuous support of our partners at all levels aims to improve and develop your business in order for you to realize your business plans successfully.

GlobalCert will consistently, respectfully and impartially guide your business to obtain an Internationally Recognized ISO/IEC 37001 Quality Certificate to:

  • Assure management, investors, employees, customers and stakeholders that your business takes reasonable steps to prevent bribery
  • achieve Transparency of your business operations
  • Establish an ethical business culture
  • Build trust with internal and external customers
  • Maintain a good reputation
  • Avoid financial loss
  • Seal a trusted profile for your business
  • Obtain evidence in the event of an investigation that your business has taken reasonable steps to prevent bribery

No one remains unscathed from bribery and corruption, from the smallest entrepreneur to the largest multinational corporation, as well as those operating in the private sector.

Bribery and corruption weaken business relationships, limit productivity and prevent progress towards a healthy business environment that will allow domestic businesses to flourish and attract foreign investment.

Acquiring an ISO / IEC 37001 certification through an effective bribery management system guarantees the integrity and credibility of the business, as well as trust in it, and at the same time it ensures a healthy and blameless profile.

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