About Us

… the first steps of Globalcert were made forty years ago, which has since come a long way full of experiences and achievements always been based on ethics and quality.

GlobalCert is a recognized Certification Body with a continuous and established presence. The many years of research and experience in the field of certification has made GlobalCert one of the largest and most reliable agencies with international prestige.

It is active in many countries and has established strong partnerships in Greece and abroad with Universities as well as with internationally recognized certification bodies. It has also issued hundreds of thousands of recognized certificates, sealing a path which is distinguished by reliability, quality and transparency.

GlobalCert is an ongoing organization which constantly grows, matures and evolves. It looks ahead, seizes opportunities, faces challenges and comprises a strong team of people who share its vision.

Respecting your work and ambitions, our vision is to assist you in achieving your business plans.

The goal of all modern businesses and organizations is evolution, progress, conquering the top.

At the top we are all ISOi and we at GlobalCert will get you there safely.


Yours sincerely

The GlobalCert Team

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