ISO 29993


ISO 29993

Improve the learning services you provide, by implementing the Non-Formal Education Service Management standard.

What is ISO 29993?

The ISO 29993 Learning Services Management System is a proven framework for non-formal learning services, including all types of non-formal learning (i.e., lifelong learning, vocational and in-company training). A learning services management system establishes the structure and discipline to implement technical and management strategies that significantly improve the requirements for Learning Services. Learning can be face-to-face, technology-mediated, or a mix of both.

Why is ISO 29993 important to your business?

With the administration of the requirements of this standard, you can increase your organization's competitive advantage by defining the learning objectives, by controlling your processes, and by continuously evaluating and improving your services.

Target Audience

ISO 29993 is addressed to non-formal educational organizations, i.e., any organized form of education aimed at a specific audience, but not part of the formal education system. This category includes organizations such as Foreign Language Schools, Computer Training Schools, Vocational Training Institutes, Lifelong Learning Centers, Educational Centers, Colleges, Conservatories, Dance Schools, Martial Arts Schools, etc. In addition, non-formal education includes in-company training by means of conducting educational programs.

The benefits of ISO 29993

Each of our partners is unique and valuable. Our goal is to become an integral part of the GlobalCert professional family, gaining all the benefits of a strong team of experienced and reliable professionals.

The continuous support of our partners at all levels aims to improve and develop your business in order to be able to realize your business plans.

    GlobalCert's experienced team of consultants will consistently, respectfully and impartially guide your business to obtain an Internationally Recognized ISO 29993 Certificate to:

  • achieve Alignment of various elements of learning services such as advertising, information provided to students, needs analysis, planning and evaluation in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of the services provided.
  • achieve Improved reliability of learning services.
  • Attain a model for improving training services that can be implemented in an organization.
  • Acquire Internationally recognized means that demonstrate the reliability and quality of learning services.

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