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Professional Certifications

Endorsed Programmes

Professional Certifications

NOCN NOCN (National Open College Network) is a recognised Awarding body (Ofqual) in the United Kingdom.

It was established in 1987 with the support of NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education).

It is an international and leading awarding body which serves thousands of centres with a high level of recognised professional certifications in a variety of sectors at all levels.

NOCN offers learners, educational institutions, businesses and colleges a comprehensive range of products and services in education and skills development.

NOCN operates in 180 countries worldwide..

Endorsed Programs

  • Endorsed Programmes are certificates in a large number of approved training programmes and seminars of your choice, from the recognised certification body, NOCN, which operates worldwide.
  • The Certification of the programmes takes place in a wide range of modules, sectors, training seminars as well as expertise.
  • GlobalCert issues certificates of seminars or training programmes of the British awarding body, NOCN after successfully being examined based on the approved syllabus.
  • Certificates will also have the logo of the educational organisation that the applicant attended the seminar at.

Suitable for:

  • People who wish to enhance their CV with a certificate that sets them apart from the competition in the job market.
  • Companies and organisations wishing to put their executives’ standards elevated to the level of knowledge they have.
  • People who wish to renew and to certify their knowledge in specific subject areas or in specialised areas.
  • Extra prestige and educational excellence at your Centre.

Benefits for the learner

  • The candidate acquires a powerful certificate from a recognised awarding body proving that he/she is a certificate holder of the knowledge gained from training and not a simple certificate of studies.
  • Enhances his/her CV with a certificate that offers prestige, recognition and a competitive advantage and differentiates him/her in the job market.
  • The certificate he/she will get from NOCN will make him/her able to seek with confidence the position he/she desires in the job market.


Set according to the curriculum of each seminar-training programme of the educational organisation.


Examinations may be carried out either Paper Based or Computer Based and on the demanded date that the educational centre has set.

In detail:

  • 1. Exams through written assignments
  • 2. Examination through multiple choice questions either paper based or online (Internet connection required).)
  • 3. Practical examination (when necessary-depends on the seminar)

Upon successful completion of the examination, the candidate receives a certificate from the British Awarding body NOCN.



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